Company Profile

Company Profile

The Company, established on August 24th 1989, manages and develops a strategically located industrial estate in the Greater Jakarta area. It is located in MM2100 Industrial Town.

Its main activities are the development, construction, and management of industrial estate including construction and management of facilities and supporting infrastructure in the industrial area.

The Company's business activities cover three (3) areas, namely:

  1. Industrial Estate Products

    The Company provides land lots which are ready for construction for industrial needs, equipped with the industrial estate infrastructures and other facilities.

  2. Infrastructure and Services

    Company performs infrastructure development and provide complete supporting facilities that meet international standards.

  3. Supporting Facilities:

    The Company also provides supporting facilities such as coffee shop, Japanese restaurant, and a business hotel (under development).

Having more than 25 years of experience in developing industrial estate, the Company ensures that all operational, infrastructures and facilities are adopted in accordance with international standards.

Vision and Mission


To become a leading and chosen developer of comprehensive business environments in Indonesia and the Region


  1. We shall strive to continually create value and satisfaction to business of our customers
  2. We shall act with integrity in collaborative and
    pro-active way
  3. We shall create pride of ownership and
    long terms benefit for all the stakeholders

Company Group

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