CSR Program

The impact of the Company’s activities in developing the MM2100 Industrial Town has created added value and sustainable prosperity for society (sustainable livelihoods) both directly or indirectly. However, the Company realized that the results were not yet optimal results for our stakeholders, from the public to the Company as the CSR organizer. The results of the CSR program also reevaluated to focus on better objectives. No less important is the relationship with surrounding communities as well as regional stakeholders in order to support the smooth running of programs.

The Company established a CSR program and its environmental, social and economic implementation, with prosperity and continuity as the outputs. This program targets not only the stakeholders outside the Company, but also stakeholders in the company, namely the employees of the Company.


The company, as part of the manager and developer of the industrial area MM2100, runs its business not based not merely on profit growth, but also to contribute on Indonesia's development to become better and to take part in maintaining and repairing environmental sustainability.

This commitment is based on the Company's Vision, which was announced in 2015, that is, committed to become a leading and chosen developer of comprehensive business environments in Indonesia and the Region, with one of its missions, to create pride of ownership and long terms benefit for all the stakeholders.

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