Our Vision for Sustainability

Being a leading integrated developer for providing basic infrastructures for the people’s smile, health, safe and sustainable society

Our Policy for Sustainability 

For the sake of people’s better life and society 



The Company realizes that the environment is one of the main factors in supporting the business continuity of the Company, as well as the tenants in MM2100 industrial town. Therefore, in its operations the Company not only ensures that its business activities do not negatively impact the environment but also raises awareness regarding Environmental Protection and Management.

Social and Community Aspects


In industrial areas inhabited by tenants, social problems will arise and thus the settlement of social issues and social welfare must be optimized. In accordance with its CSR strategy and program, the Company has prioritizes implementation of solutions in the MM2100 industrial township and Bekasi area.

Employment, Health and Safety


The policy of the management in managing its human resources is to achieve the Company’s Vision and Mission, and to strive to increase synergies and efficiency between the companies in the Argo Manunggal group.

All labor policies refer to the Law on Manpower and Collective Labor Agreement (PKB) between the management and the employee union, to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and to minimize human rights violations.

Consumer Responsibility


As the developer of the MM2100 industrial township, the Company’s responsibility to consumers is to provide the best service and quality. The Company seeks to meet its consumers’ demands and expectations through various facilities and its supporting aspects.